What is PhyreEngine™?

PhyreEngine™ is a complete high performance multi-platform game engine, offering quick and easy development for both rapid prototyping and full production.

The entire engine is provided as source making it easily customisable to meet your needs.

It’s completely free to registered developers and licensed for usage on any platform.

Used in over 200+ titles across a number of different of platforms, PhyreEngine™ has been successfully adopted by dozens of game studios around the world.


  • High performance engine optimized for PlayStation® platforms
  • State of the art rendering and post processing techniques
  • A level editor that enables Lua script-driven game creation with live in-game editing and playback
  • Full asset creation pipeline including COLLADA™ exporters for Autodesk® 3ds Max and Autodesk® Maya®
  • Easy extensibility: the whole runtime is supplied as source, and many features are extensible using dedicated APIs


  • A large set of sample and game templates, supplied with full source code and assets
  • Support for PlayStation®VR applications at 60Hz, 90Hz and 120Hz.
  • Excellent integration with middleware including support for Bullet and Havok™ physics engines, Iggy, FMOD®Recast Navigation and ImGui.
  • Excellent support provided by the development team themselves
  • Support for PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, PlayStation®Vita, Windows (OpenGL® and DirectX 11), Google® Android™ and Apple® iOS


What do our users say?



Rich Yandle

Technical Director, Switchblade Monkeys

“PhyreEngine™ is a well-crafted, cross-platform, multicore-ready engine, that is easy to get to grips with, and simple to extend based on your specific needs. In using PhyreEngine™, we were able to utilize the multi-core architecture of the PS4 out of the box with very little effort, which enabled us to hit our goal of 1080p @ 60fps. The support staff are courteous, responsive and always willing to help. It’s like having another member of the team!”

Jakob Marklund

Technical Director, Coldwood Interactive

“PhyreEngine™ suits our needs very well. We are a small but technology driven studio that needs an engine that has a flexible code base, that is easy to expand with new features and add your own tools for. The Phyre team always gives good support and listens to our feedback when developing new features. In addition to this, PhyreEngine™ is always up to date with integrations of the latest middleware.”

Christian Zuger

Co-founder, Metalhead Software Inc.

“PhyreEngine™ offers a broad and heavily customizable toolset built around a rock solid and blazing fast core. The combined power of the engine itself along with excellent support from the team behind it enabled our small studio to make a rapid leap from unfinished PC-based prototype to shipped 60 FPS cross-platform console title.”

Made with PhyreEngine™

We can’t list them all but we’ve hand-picked a few of our most recent releases. You can find even more titles listed here.

Super Mega Baseball By Metalhead Software For PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3 and NVIDIA® SHIELD™

Secret Ponchos By Switchblade Monkeys For PlayStation®4 and PC

Unravel By Coldwood Interactive For PlayStation®4