DevStation is our premier event for the PlayStation developer community. Held semi-annually in central London, it’s a chance for developers to get together, network, and discuss the latest development trends and techniques.

In 2014, DevStation was a two-day conference held at the end of June at the Brewery in London. And for those who couldn’t make it, the event was live streamed around the world. If you’re a PlayStation developer, it’s not to be missed.

Bringing together the developer community

Each year, we provide a range of our own developer events targeted to meet the needs of the diverse PlayStation developer community:

  • On-site or remotely delivered training.
  • Workshops which bring together subject matter experts from across the world to focus on specific technical or QA related topics
  • Mid-size one day seminars
  • Larger scale two-day DevStations: our premier developer conferences for the European developer community

You’ll also see us active at public developer events across the globe, from GDC in San Francisco to Develop in Brighton to the Jordan Gaming Summit.

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