PSP™ RSS Channel Guidelines

RSS Document Guidelines

Guidelines for Creating Content for the PSP™ (PlayStation® Portable) RSS Channel

This document provides information and guidelines that must be followed when creating Web content for the PSP™ RSS channel. Specifically, it contains the following information:

  • PSP™ client specifications
  • Tags that are used in RSS documents and how they should be used in the PSP™ RSS channel
  • Server requirements for distributing Web content for the PSP™ RSS channel
  • Other information

This document should be referenced when creating Web content for the PSP™ RSS channel. However, PSP™ RSS channel client specifications may change later due to extensions of the specification, bug fixing, or quality improvements. Therefore, the contents of this document are not guaranteed to be valid for future versions of the PSP™ system. When there are differences between different versions of the PSP™ system, they will be clearly indicated.