Developing new talent

At SIE R&D West, we’re always thinking about the next big thing. From technologies to our platforms, we help developers innovate. So it makes sense that we’d be keen to play a role in developing the next generation of talent – the people who will drive those innovations forwards.

We work closely with educational establishments to deliver internships and graduate roles across everything SIE R&D West does.


PlayStation First is SIE’s Academic Development Program.

Through PlayStation First, we nurture emerging talent by championing the best game development courses and providing a hands-on training environment, so these new faces can go on to become the PlayStation development stars of the future.

“PlayStation First and Brains Eden made an enormous difference for me. As part of the winning student team at Brains Eden, I got a paid internship at SIE’s Guerrilla Cambridge studio. I could show people what I could do – and secure a full-time post as Environment Artist on a live PS4 title.”

– Nils Ruisch, Guerrilla Cambridge