Test & Release Team

In the UK and with assistance in India and Vietnam, the Test & Release Team is responsible for testing the SDK components and support the worldwide release of libraries, tools and other components developed mainly in the UK by SIE Euro R&D, SN Systems and WWS ATG. We use a wide variety of programming languages, scripting, automation and other approaches to make sure our tools and APIs are rigorously tested before they reach our developers.


Test & Release Manager After working as a graduate programmer in the telecoms industry, Mark made the right call to switch to games. In 2000, he joined the RenderWare team, then part of Criterion, owned by Canon, before becoming part of Electronic Arts. At SIE Euro R&D, Mark is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Test & Release Team, including scheduling, status updates, tracking projects between teams worldwide, and hiring new recruits. Mark has 35 years of gaming experience, mostly RPGs, RTSs, TBSs, Simulations, the odd FPS, but not MMORPGs.


Test & Release Senior Team Leader David’s a self-proclaimed office addict, spending more time than he should tracking down bugs and getting them resolved. It’s this unique pedantry that makes him perfect as the Test & Release Senior Team Leader. David joined SIE Euro R&D with an industrial year placement in 2004, working with the Developer Support Team around the launch of the PSP. Since then, he’s become a fully-fledged adult, achieved a first in Computer Science and Mathematics, and returned to support testing across our SDKs, samples, and tools.