Empowering developers

In the technology department, we empower developers with innovative new technology across graphics, image processing, camera, and optimisation. It’s a process that begins with researching the latest techniques and innovations, then integrating them into our SDK tools, libraries and tutorials.

We also organise the annual PlayStation developer conference and consult developers on their projects. So from Image Based Lighting to Camera Gesture Tracking, our licensed game developers can work with the latest techniques – and find new ways to bring them to PlayStation.


Senior R&D Manager

Apart from having a job that’s the envy of his nephews, Mark enjoys working with the latest technologies, surrounded by the brightest guys in the business.

Whether he’s in the central London office or dashing over to Tokyo and California, Mark goes wherever innovation takes him.

Mark joined PlayStation back in 1997, developing graphics and audio tools for developers. But as technology advanced, he saw the need for a team dedicated to researching new technologies and bringing them to developers. Since then, he’s been responsible for a range of projects, delivering new tools and technologies for every PlayStation platform from PS1 to present day consoles.

Technology Development Team

A multi-disciplinary team consisting of artists and programmers, the Technology Development Team conducts research into new technologies working in areas such as graphics, virtual reality and tools.

This research is then delivered to our developers to keep PlayStation at the cutting edge of technology.


Technical Artist

Mark likes nothing better than cuddling up with his favourite browser, the Radio 5 Film podcast, and the latest controversy on NeoGAF.

And when he can tear himself away, he’s able to cook Asian and Caribbean cuisine (without causing the lucky recipients too much damage).

While Mark’s job title is Technical Artist, his role is wide-reaching. He supplies art for SDK samples, creates tutorials, and helps the Developer Services Team provide tools, solutions and training to improve internal content creation.

Mark’s been in the games industry since 1990, and brings with him his experience of work across every PlayStation platform.

Installer Team

In London and Tokyo, the Installer Team builds the Windows-based development tools and prepares SDK releases across all PlayStation platforms.


Senior Software Engineer 

Nibu likes to keep up to date with the latest technology and loves working in an environment where he can fulfil and work on his passion for tech. Nibu also likes spending time doing bits of gardening and making sure his pet fishes are happy.

Nibu started his career as a programmer in 2001, he has worked in many industries varying from anti-virus to performance monitoring systems. In Euro R&D Nibu is responsible for the release and maintenance of SDK Manager which is a tool used by all game developers to install Playstation SDK’s.