The Team



Jason has overall architectural control of the PhyreEngine™ project, as well as being an engineer and top-level line manager.

Having been with SIE for more almost 20 years, Jason has worked on numerous projects including the PlayStation®2 performance analyser, and has been running PhyreEngine™ since its inception in 2003.




Rich discovered computer games at a young age and has dreams of developing his own. But, for now, he’s helping others bring theirs to life.

After studying Computer Science at Southampton University, Rich joined Euro R&D as part of the Developer Support team.

Today, he’s a Senior Team Leader on PhyreEngine™. This role involves working with the team to develop the engine, while continuing to support the licensed PlayStation® developers who are already using it.

And it’s also a job that involves making plenty of tea and coffee to fuel the rest of his team.

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One day, Rob discovered he had fingers. Soon after, he discovered they were designed to hit keys and press buttons. Of course, if you ask his daughter, she’d tell you his fingers were best used for soldering and DIY.

After a career in CAD/CAM software development, Rob fell into game development in 1996. Since then, he’s built up extensive experience developing game engines.

In 2004, he brought that expertise to Euro R&D with a focus on new feature development for PhyreEngine™.

Thanks to Rob’s traditional software engineering background, he’s as comfortable with PhyreEngine™’s high level system architecture as he is with low level optimisation.



Rahul – known as Ray to his friends – is a part-time ninja, a full-time steak lover, and a key member of the PhyreEngine™ team.

After more than five years at Euro R&D, Ray joined the PhyreEngine™ team as a Research Engineer. Today, he’s responsible for investigating, designing and implementing innovative new technologies in computer graphics research.

He’s also working towards his doctorate based on research carried out at Euro R&D, and was a proud participant in the Cancer Research UK game jam, where he developed a game that uses crowd sourced data analysis to advance knowledge of cancer.



Guillaume discovered games at a young age and shortly afterwards realised he could use programming as a way to create his own. At that point he decided that when he’s grown up, he’ll be a video game developer.

He started at Euro R&D back in 2012 as a low-level developer for the Applied Technologies group, where he worked on various projects such as PlayStation® Vue, Live Events Viewer, and Powers; with a heavy focus on streaming media.

He moved on into the PhyreEngine™ team in 2014; with a heavy focus on streaming media. Yet again!



A rainy day of 1991, Franck discovered the first Zelda™ games and since then he has dedicated himself to the craft that makes games tick.

A decade or so later, he joined Quantic Dream (Paris) and spent 4 years working on the successful PlayStation®3 title ‘Heavy Rain™’. Day after day, he honed his skills helping artists create unique environments and characters.

In 2010, he moved to London to join the PhyreEngine™ team, and brought with him both his gamer and professional expertise.

Deeply involved in the inner workings of PhyreLevelEditor, he jumps from a feature to the next, each time thinking of new ways to improve the life of PhyreEngine™’s users.