Developing network infrastructure

Over the past few years the Network team has been focussing on creating an ecosystem where all PlayStation devices can co-exist effortlessly.

This concept has broadened recently, whereby current research and projects are also looking into non-PlayStation hardware, to always bring the best possible technology and peripherals to users.

“If you can connect it, then you can use it. If you can’t connect it, then we need to make it possible”.


SDK Network Team

The SDK Network team writes one of the most successful SDK components on the PlayStation hardware to use PlayStation(R)Network services. Thousands of games use it to unlock trophies, handle score boards, setting up online multiplay, establish messaging communications between users or obtain profile information to be displayed in game, among many other features.

The component is available in PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4, and its interface allows developers to port games easily between platforms.


A true gamer and an animal lover, Estefania has played a huge amount of games from different genres over the years.

While working as a volunteer in an animal shelter to find a new home to stray cats and dogs, she also studied to become an engineer and joined Sony in 2016 after finishing her degree in Computer Science in Cadiz (Spain).

Now part of the SDK Network team, she works developing the Network SDK component and on tools to improve its efficiency.