Developing network infrastructure

Over the last decade, our Network department has grown to cover a wide range of areas.

  • Creating components for the PlayStation SDKs to make developing online features easier
  • Bringing software to in-store PlayStation®4 displays, complete with information and playable demos



The OMSK team provides a bespoke client-side app to promote PlayStation globally. The app uses in-house technologies including PhyreEngine, as well as a sophisticated cloud-based server infrastructure.

It’s the backbone of the displays you’ll find in retail spaces, giving consumers the chance to experience PlayStation platforms first-hand, through demos and high resolution trailers.


A rollercoaster obsessive who travels the world in search of the next thrill, Charlie’s flat is full of theme park and gaming merchandise.

His favourites include a replica Portal gun and framed posters from the Desert Bus For Hope charity gaming marathon, which he watches every year.

His role in the OMSK team involves delivering the latest demos and product advertising to PS4 retail units worldwide. This includes front-end and back-end development for the web admin tool, and Java applet development for content discs that are shipped to stores.